Our Story

This is JoyRide

JoyRide is the first and only homegrown superapp in the Philippines offering a wide range of on-demand services in transportation, logistics, food & shopping, and payments. Our mission has always remained the same and steadfast — and that is to empower our growing network of customers, driver partners, and merchant partners by means of providing them convenient and accessible solutions through a powerful and scalable technology platform. With 8 retail products and 1 business program, JoyRide continues to grow its list of services and expand its reach across the country to help the millions of Filipinos achieve digital inclusion and make living their lives a lot easier.

The Challenger

JoyRide launched its motorcycle taxi services in December 2019 as an answer to the call of Filipino commuters for a more reliable and affordable transport alternative. Through the efforts of the team, JoyRide was able to successfully apply as one of the participants in the initially closed-off pilot run study, and ultimately gain prominence for being the ‘dark horse’ that disrupted the country’s ride-hailing monopoly — a monumental and timely feat for a young and local company like JoyRide.

From the moment we launched, JoyRide received such overwhelming support from the riding public, going above and beyond expectations and joining the mainstream market in no time. In just less than 3 months, JoyRide gained over a million app downloads, consistently topping the app charts and beating out major players in the industry. We also hit almost a million user base, with our platform receiving a daily booking average of 150,000, and peaking at 500,000 on high-demand days. Even driver applicants were scrambling to onboard on JoyRide after learning of the massive earnings they could get from taking bookings.

The Superapp

Seeing the impact JoyRide had in the lives of its users inspired the company to seek more ways on how to solve people’s everyday problems and help provide more socio-economic opportunities through digital technology. Staying true to its commitment of driving inclusive growth, JoyRide transformed from being a motorcycle ride-hailing service to being the country’s first homegrown superapp, allowing users access to a total of 8 different products across various essential services.

Currently, the JoyRide Superapp carries the following products: JoyRide MC Taxi (motorcycle taxi ride-hailing), JoyRide Delivery (express motorcycle deliveries), JoyRide Pabili (buy-for-me services), JoyRide Taxicle (tricycle ride-hailing), Happy Move (2W and 4W courier deliveries for business), JR Mall (online marketplace for food, groceries, and other non-food items), JR Pay, and Buy Load.

The Dream

JoyRide has since come a long way from its humble beginnings. What was once just a fleeting idea of the founders is now the #1 homegrown superapp in the Philippines.

It would be too difficult to count the number of people who’ve doubted what we could achieve. People felt we were too ambitious, and even crazy, for wanting to provide options to the Filipino people. But when everybody said we couldn’t, it made us believe all the more we could. And this has remained at the heart of what JoyRide is today.

JoyRide has now over 20,000 driver partners, 5,000 merchant partners, 100 hardworking employees, 7 coverage areas, 5 office locations, 3 franchisees, and 1 empowering superapp.

Committed to our mission, we remain brave, bold, and unrelenting in everything that we do as we strive to enable digital inclusivity and scale economic growth throughout the country. And while we have achieved so much, there is still so much left to do. We continue to grow faster than ever, because, for us, this is really just the beginning of our endless pursuit of providing quality service, innovation, and empowerment to anyone and everyone who needs them, from all walks of life.

Iyan ang JoyRide. Kasundo ng Bawat Isa, Kasundo ng Pilipino.